Developer Highlight: Rachel Kaye Clarke

I've done a couple of short videos on the things done by Ms. Rachel Kaye Clarke and there's a lot more to be experienced in her work. The ideas present in her work are varied but summed up, poorly, would contain playfully self aware visual novella with a mix of noir, a bit of disdain for common western social trends, a host of homages to previously created works, a Twain-like tongue-in-cheek love for slang, and a host of small projects created for game jams. While I have enjoyed many of the experiences she has created my personal opinion is that her writing is strongest at this time and has amused me to no small degree.

I have viewed some of her pieces that I will not cover in video form precisely because they are best experienced individually. Tenfold for her pieces following Hollis Kane. Kane is a freelancing writer eschewing many popular cultural norms in favor of standing out for a lack of fashion sense, a finished WNBA career, a need to earn some quid, and what I assume is frustration with the world she lives and its vapid bombardment of technology.

The litany of references littering her writing are filled with tributes to various arts: music, games, film, and literature. The nods seem fueled by a meandering nostalgia for cherished experiences, while simultaneously being able to immortalize the author's specific tastes. If you would like to follow me down the rabbit hole that is Ms. Clarke's work, feel free to visit her content page on

Rachel Kaye Clarke


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