Welcome Friends! - Birds of a Feather.....

What's Cooking Folks? This is a phrase I'll hopefully utter a few thousand times in my life with a little skill and more luck than than the universe has room for.

At the age of 2 my mother would stack milk crates, surely dating myself just by mentioning those artifacts, in front of the arcade machines at the front of the general store she ran at the time. I have been playing video games ever since, even likely before I could even form well thought out sentences and still spoke with incomplete sounds, mangled phonemes, and all of the eloquence of nails screeching across chalkboard. To me this makes them as relevant as any other events in life. Many who grew up then, and are growing up now, can often remember periods in their life by the games they've played during that time whether it be with friends, family, or even strangers.

I also grew up reading. I devoured books as though they were some alternative life source that would keep me alive should other more readily nourishing sources no longer be obtainable. My jovial, jolly shape definitely proves that this has not been the case but I digress, I love to read. Growing up in a metropolitan area my mother was always worried that I would mix in with a group of bad kids at some point or get mixed up in some altercation with law enforcement but much to her delight this has never taken place, partially by design.

My mother would use every ounce of free time she could spare to make sure that there was a healthy supply of books nearby for me, and due to my fondness for video games would often allow me to snag a periodical or two related to the medium merely due to it containing the printed word. This is how I came into contact with the likes of Game Informer, Nintendo Power, GamePro, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Nintendo Force, and Playstation Magazine growing up. While I loved these magazines growing up I realized that I wanted to be attached to the industry in some way but considering my location and where most of these organizations were it would likely not be happening any way I could think of at the time.

Fast forward to present day, the landscape for media has changed and through a number of services that allow user made content to be brought forth we can all each put forth efforts to bring attention to things that we love. My affinity for video games, technology, music, and films (all except the foremost having actual college credits and certifications under my belt) has left me with an itch to scratch as well as some things to promote that others near and far are doing to brighten up the days and nights of many people around the world.

Well, I'm highlighting these things now, and I've done a lot of things to work on the voice that i'll be putting out there for them, both physically and figuratively. I've broken my first 50 youtube videos, to limited success as a lot of it has been experimental to see what i'm good at doing versus things that i sadly need to improve (and there's so much improvement needed) but I do see that I have a nack for certain types of content creation and I think those are the ones I will focus on going forward.

I'm going to work on branding for my media, my content, myself, and the message that I put out for those around me. I appreciate anyone who helps me along this journey and hope to help many more become more prominent, more engaged with what they care about, and more content with their existence. This is Vermillion Phoenix, a moniker chosen partially due to my adoration of the idea of phoenixes as well as the similarities of myself and many i know rising from the ashes of of situations they find themselves in. Let's grow together.

- As Always, Have A Good One

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