Good times, Honors, and Recovery

My goal for march is to keep myself from getting ridiculously sick again. This happened both at the end of January and February and is really setting a bad trend for my year though otherwise things are looking up.

One of the goals I had when I started creating videos for orcs must die was to try to prove that the game could be beaten without a huge monetary investment (not pay to win) and to increase the available media for the game due to the majority of it appearing to be sponsored videos other than the few vids done by MrJuicebags. This left most people's impressions of the game being of siege which has since been removed and I always wanted to highlight the survival side of the game since content for it was lacking.

Three months later and all of that seems to be moving in a different direction. The videos seem to be well received and others are finally jumping into creating media for the game, of note recently are two guys: Zack Friedman and Jacowboy. Due to my limited time I'd love to see more content created for this game and displayed as it shows not only that there's activity within the community, new things being done each day, and it keeps a bit of buzz floating around the game which is very necessary when trying to encourage people to test through an open beta (unless you're warframe and your beta is eternal) so I definitely hope the folks at Robot Entertainment are feeling the love recently.

Speaking of Robot Entertainment, they actually decided to drop an interview on yours truly which is up on their blog which can be found in all it's splendor by clicking here. I sincerely appreciate them spotlighting me and greatly appreciate the honor and hope that the video series (still incomplete) aids in them getting the best feedback possible to create a great title on launch, and while I don't personally have a PS4 I look forward to seeing the reactions to PS4 players when the open beta launches for that platform as well.

I still want to get into the habit of writing more review pieces for the blog and at the moment I think I'll be using imgur as a photo host. I have a couple of games lined up already and we'll see how that goes in the future! - VP

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